Centre for Democracy and Political Reconciliation in Somalia
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There have been numerous peace conferences on Somalia for the last two decades or so and peace continues to be elusive in Somalia. The current Somali government has failed its obligation of ratifying the constitution, continuing the peace and reconciliation efforts, and preparing the Somali people to fair elections in 2016 based on equal ballot boxes, not on 4.5 power grabbing.

Unfortunately, warlords turned into parliamentarians. Islamic courts based on a fundamentalist version of Islam. Anarchists and oligarchy groups, as well as resistance groups of various religious denominations and sub-clan militias, presently occupy Somalia.

This government has failed to set national agenda to rebuild the country, create jobs, and unite the Somali people. Its institutions have failed as well to provide basic services due to systemic and endemic corruptions. With the conspicuous absence of credible government, these factions serve as the only alternative to avoid mass starvation and security to the Somali public at large. The conflicts between these factions have consistently denied Somalia peace and security. The UN has never comprehended the ”root causes” of this conflict. For the last two decades or so, the systemic deficiencies of the UN bureaucracy have led to consistent failures in resolving the Somali conflict.

At CDPRS, we simply want to change that course in pursuit of peace in Somalia through a true reconciliation based in democratic values. The center is introducing new ideas of homegrown solutions that will change the direction of peace talks in Somalia. We are here to build the confidence among the people of Somalia and strengthen the fragile relationship among its clans/sub-clans through partnership based on honest reconciliation.